The Department of Transnational Studies

About the Graduate Program

African & African American Studies does not, as yet, have its own independent graduate studies program. Instead, it collaboratively participates in the interdisciplinary Masters program (Option 1) of the College of Arts and Sciences, and in the American Studies graduate program (Option 2).

For example: if a student chooses the first option then the student would apply to enroll in the Master of Arts in Humanities (MAH) program. This interdisciplinary graduate program requires a student to have two majors from among participating departments. Choosing African & African American Studies as a major in the program enables students to combine their interests in subject areas in African & African American studies with specialties elsewhere –e.g. American Studies, English Literature, Media Studies, Film Studies, Languages, Visual Studies, Classics, Global Gender Studies, and so on.

The M.A.H requirements are:

* Completion of a total of 36 credit hours of course work, comprising:
* 12 credit hours in an arts or humanities discipline;
* 12 additional credit hours in an arts, humanities, social, or natural sciences discipline;
* 6 credit hours of related elective course work; and
* 6 credit hours of project/thesis guidance. (An interdisciplinary committee consisting of a faculty member from each of the student’s two fields of concentration must be constituted to supervise the final project/thesis.)

Students interested in pursuing the M.A.H. degree must apply through the directors of graduate studies in both departments of their concentrations, and develop a program approved by both departments. NOTE: All requirements of the respective departments must be met in order to participate in these collaborative graduate programs. We do not have separate requirements for the M.A.H.

As a first step, potential applicants wishing to do an M.A.H. concentration in African & African American Studies must, at the same time, identify a second concentration and proceed to apply to the relevant department for admission. Once admitted to that department, the applicant should thereafter contact African & African American Studies.

For information on graduate programs in American Studies at both masters and doctoral levels (Option 2) please click here.